Open Focus

I've been wanting to write about Open Focus for awhile, but am not sure how since I found it so odd when I learned about it. I learned about Open Focus meditation when I started the pain clinic over a year ago and have been practicing it since. My case manager recommended it to me because... Continue Reading →


Everything is Figureoutable

I love it when I see the inspiration I need when I need it. Two of those came to me today. The first was on instragram and it just said, "Everything is Figureoutable." The second was this illustration I saw on Pinterest someone had posted to a chronic pain art board. Thanks, universe. Illustration by Boyoun... Continue Reading →

Trial and Error 

How do you give yourself credit for a failed experiment? If it wasn't a positive experience,  can you give yourself an A for effort and leave it at that? I don't want to create a pattern of  avoidance. Can I really just take what I want from an experience? Since I started aqua therapy last... Continue Reading →

Whole30, but really Self-Efficacy 

I can't not write about the Whole30 right now. I've been doing it for a week and am feeling good, smug and healthy. After diving into some holiday eating hardcore that somehow didn't stop til March, I needed to re- focus my healthy eating efforts. I've done the Whole30 twice- once in 2015 and once... Continue Reading →

New Frameworks

I had such a great conversation with my friend Carrie last night. I feel like my mind expanded. I've wanted to write about the "Brain Triangle" I've learned at the pain clinic, and now I feel like I have some new angles, so to speak. This brain triangle explains what physically happens in our brains... Continue Reading →

Acute vs. Chronic Pain Revisited

Yesterday felt like a good day for me physically. I should stop there and celebrate that. But the day flipped later on. I was on a road trip with my mom to come down to LA to visit. I did almost double my normal steps. I got ready in the morning with showering, breakfast, finished... Continue Reading →

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