Sore but Safe

This is a concept I’ve been struggling with lately… or working on, to be more positive. The Explain Pain book has really helped me and changed my thinking about my chronic pain and how to recover from it. The “Sore but Safe” idea in the book is that I might be feeling pain but there’s not necessarily danger. In fact, moving even though I have pain is critical to desensitize my nervous system and lessen its alarm bells. So, my chronic pain doesn’t mean injury, damage, or danger. I struggle with this because I have a fear of re-injury, so I want to be on high alert. But now I know this just makes the pain worse. I’m trying to stand and walk in spite of the pain and get used to that. It feels like it takes a lot of courage and faith. I struggle with this also because I do have limits, where suddenly my pain goes up a few levels while I’m walking or standing, and I do have to stop. It also increases after new types of exercise or movement, like the chair yoga I’ve been doing, or walking a longer distance the day before. So I think there’s a time and place for recovery. But all in all, Sore but Safe has gotten me much farther in what I’m willing to try and how I interpret my pain. The book says this alone brings down pain over time. Fingers crossed.


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  1. I tweeted this post with the hashtag #WorldBookDay since that was what was trending today. Hopefully it might draw some more attention to your blog. Your friend, Harlon


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