Body Scan

Laying down in bed tonight, I realized how much tension I had in places all over my body. The clinic I’m in taught us body scans to reduce stress and release tension. Sometimes it’s surprising to tune in and feel all that my body is holding and what emotions I’m feeling. Tonight I realized I had tension in my neck and hips and was feeling some stress. I took a few deep breaths to release the tension and a few more while I observed what was stressing me out. The thing I think is interesting about body scans is that just bringing awareness to whatever it going on is enough to let go.


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  1. I too am a big fan of the body scan at night, and I am surprised to discover how much tension my body manages to gather and store during the course of the day. By experiencing it, feeling it, breathing into it and practicing loving-kindness, I think I am performing one of the best acts of self-care. Thanks for illuminating this topic. Peace, Harlon

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      1. It takes a while to get things going. I’ll be glad to tweet your posts to stir up some excitement, but at one point in time, I too had only one follower. Keep writing and slowly it happens. Peace, Harlon


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