Pretend to be a real person

Over the time I’ve had chronic pain I deconditioned physically a lot. Now I’m trying to fight my way back.  Some days it’s just easiest to stay at home in comfy pants. Actually- all days.

But that’s the enemy. Lying down during the day is also the enemy. Comfy pants, social isolation, avoidance, eating for comfort, staying at home, etc etc should also be avoided. Basically anything that feels easy is bad. How messed up is that? Thanks a lot, chronic pain.

So here’s my mantra: pretend to be a real person. Or maybe I just need to remind myself I AM a real person.

Then maybe at some point I’ll feel like one again. It’s a fake it til you make it strategy. (Not to say having chronic pain or disabilities doesn’t make us real people. I’m being facetious.)

So here’s my rallying cry to myself: Wake up and shower. Get outside. Wear pants. Be with people.

Today I’ve accomplished this small feat- I made it out. But I am wearing comfy pants. I’ll give myself a B+.


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