This will pass

One of the most helpful phrases I remind myself of is, “This will pass.” or “Everything changes.” These past few days I’ve been feeling insecure about how little I can do around the house and feeling down about not working and my limitations due to my pain issues, especially contrasted with seeing my husband who goes off to work each morning and comes home with energy and cooks us dinner and gets MORE done. But then I remember: Deep Breath. Acceptance. This will pass. Everything changes. (And/or any other phrase that makes me stop and reset.) These thoughts usually come when my pain is higher and I’m dealing with pain in multiple places. I remember less than a week ago I felt like I was kicking ass with my recovery by cooking, going to chair yoga, pushing myself to walk as much as I can and just generally having a positive outlook. If I can get unstuck from thinking “this is how it is. sad face” it helps me get out of depressive thinking patterns. My case manager at the pain clinic said to me was that one way to think about it is that we have habitual narratives and storylines our brain runs like a program. We can recognize what it’s doing and tell ourselves to choose a different story, like our brain is a dog on a leash and we’re giving them a little tug. Ok, so, my different story today is: “I’m living with and recovering from chronic pain, which is a very difficult thing to do. It takes a lot of strength and willingness and I’m doing the best I can. I will get to a more positive place again.” How was that? (Phew, that’s so different and kind to myself, it makes me want to cry.)


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