Living with it Daily

I love this book. At the pain clinic they read the daily passage at the beginning of group therapy sessions. (It’s gone out of print but you can order it from the publisher, the Hewyer Chronic Pain Association.) A woman named Patricia Nielsen wrote it after living with chronic pain and having it change her life quite a bit. It’s a book of daily passages with different themes. I’m inspired by her acceptance and willingness to make the most out of life, and to see reflections of my own experience. It talks about living with chronic pain as a fluid process and we can learn, improve, explore and take care of ourselves.

Today’s passage focuses on becoming better at coping with chronic pain and talks about how it’s like learning a new language. We have to learn that pain is not necessarily a warning signal. We also have to learn that living with pain still means we can have a happy, fulfilled life. We can learn how to live with¬†chronic pain while also having a useful and meaningful existence. She says, “I rehearse and I rehearse because I want to make the most out of what I have.”

She ends with, “For today: I’ll keep learning about coping so I can be more comfortable with living with pain.”


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