Patience- the ability to accept and tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting upset.

I’m glad there’s a word for this difficult feeling. It’s patience. I never really had to know what patience was before. It feels like waiting and the only way to get through it is knowing it will pass and adding in some optimism helps. It’s letting your body do its thing to heal and change while not having control. I have to wait for my knee to recover from the activity I did. Usually it takes hours but sometimes it takes days. On those days I can only be grateful it’s not the weeks and months of an injury, which I’m glad to put behind me and hope never to revisit. 

In one of the pain clinic classes we cover DBT or dialectical behavioral therapy, which is a lot about patience I think. One of the modules is about “distress tolerance and reality acceptance skills.” It helps us manage difficult times where you can’t change the situation. You can only change yourself. Three steps we learn are radical acceptance, willingness over willfulness and turning the mind. These are useful skills and tools when things are out of my control. I’ll look over my DBT papers today and see if I can refresh and feel some support.

Sometimes it’s also helpful to remember where I do have agency, even while I’m waiting for other things to pass. 


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