Nutrition and weight

I have been making concerted efforts the past few years to figure out the best way of eating for me. I’ve been about 10 lbs heavier since my injuries, which I want to remedy, and I also wanted to know if eating a healthy, anti inflammatory makes a difference for me.

I saw a nutritionist my parents see, but her plan didn’t seem to work for me. I’m sure it’s effective if you can follow it over time, but it was calorie restrictive, used little fat, and allowed for processed substitutes that were lower cal. I heard about the Whole30 from a friend and have done it twice. I’ve loved it both times and it changed my eating habits quite a lot for the better (lots of veg and meal prep). It also improved my body composition and just the feeling you get from eating really healthy. What I like about it is that I was eating 3 healthy meals and never restricting the quantity I was eating. However it does restrict my diet to basically paleo. The founder Melissa Hartwig has a plan for after the Whole30, called Food Freedom Forever, to figure out what else you want to incorporate, but I haven’t been successful yet in introducing things and feel like I’m practicing moderation. 

The pain clinic has a new series of 6 nutrition classes it repeats and I’d like to go to those. I know it focuses on anti inflammatory plant based diets and Mediterranean diets.

Also my mom, aunt and I have been a little support group that’s motivated each other in the past and we’re beginning again.

Anyways, it’s time to get back to healthy eating after a holiday season free for all… that’s lasted till way after the holidays have passed. I’ll do better and probably write about this again.



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