I know water is important. Before the holidays from September to December I made a concerted effort to drink my 10 cups a day. Like everything else that went out the window over the holidays. Yesterday, after my mom, aunt and I motivated each other about healthier habits, I came home after lunch and observed my current tendency would be to finish my lunch leftovers, have a snack and make an afternoon coffee. Instead, I was like noooo I’m not hungry and I need to wait to dinner. It was then that my body was like WATER! I drank so much water. I guess I’ve been substituting my thirst with food and coffee. So there’s one benefit of water.

I’m going to start my 10 cups a day again today! I read this article on benefits for some motivation.


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  1. I agree about the health benefits of water. Water isn’t something I particularly crave or enjoy….but I’ve learned when am not feeling “well” and can’t put my finger on it, if I start drinking water, I feel better. Isn’t if funny how the answers to difficult challenges are often the easiest (in some cases). Great post. As always, Harlon

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