Orchestra in the brain 

One concept I found helpful and interesting from the Explain Pain book I've written about before is the "orchestra in the brain." With chronic pain, the brain starts to play the pain "tune" over and over. It gets really good at it. The book says, "It is like the orchestra in your brain has been... Continue Reading →


Stop, Observe, and…

One of the tools I've learned from the pain clinic is so simple that it's hard to imagine it would be so effective. It's three easy steps: stop, observe, and breathe. We're encouraged to do this when feeling stress, fear, or some wild narrative in our head taking over. Over the past year I've developed a lot... Continue Reading →


I know water is important. Before the holidays from September to December I made a concerted effort to drink my 10 cups a day. Like everything else that went out the window over the holidays. Yesterday, after my mom, aunt and I motivated each other about healthier habits, I came home after lunch and observed... Continue Reading →

Nutrition and weight

I have been making concerted efforts the past few years to figure out the best way of eating for me. I've been about 10 lbs heavier since my injuries, which I want to remedy, and I also wanted to know if eating a healthy, anti inflammatory makes a difference for me. I saw a nutritionist my... Continue Reading →


Last year outings somehow became this word I use, and now it's ridiculously ingrained in my vocabulary and, actually, in my recovery. I had completed the pain clinic and learned so much, and essentially got it that this thing I had called "my injury that wouldn't heal" was chronic pain. Having wrist tendinitis had made... Continue Reading →

Group Therapy

I thought this group therapy stock image was hilarious. Also when I googled group therapy pictures they sit a lot closer together than we do in real life. And this group looks pretty youthful for the chronic pain groups. There are different classes or sessions I can attend at the pain clinic, but I kinda... Continue Reading →

Acute vs. Chronic

Heh heh, glad I could use this Bitmoji.  I've been thinking about acute versus chronic a lot lately, as my pain likes to play tricks on me. Some days my knee feels the pain of my old injury, so much so that I feel like it's acute pain that needs R&R. I have to remember... Continue Reading →


The Explain Pain book talks about how to increase an activity you want to do more of when you have chronic pain. For me it's being on my feet, whether that's standing or walking. It says to find a balance between pain and flare and figure out what your baseline for that activity is. (If... Continue Reading →

 Good People

Tonight my friend Carrie came over for dinner. My voice issue has been acting up, so she carried the conversation like a champ. I love hearing about all of her adventures in work and love. Spending a lot of time alone while I'm not working and putting effort toward my recovery, I start to feel... Continue Reading →

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